Mechanical Aeration-
Slow Speed Surface Aerators
  •   Fixed Platform or Floating
  •   Open and Closed Impeller
Submerged Turbine Aerators
Horizontal Rotor Aerators
Packaged Plants-
Large Extended Aeration Plants
SBR Plants
Industrial Water Treatment
Municipal Water Treatment
Flow Equalization Tanks
Small Package Plants
Diffused Aeration -
Aerobic Digestors
Static Tubes
Coarse Bubbles
Pressure Filters
  • Single Cell (manual or automated)
  • Four or Six Cell Multiplex Filters
Gravity Filters
Carbon Filters
Oil Water Separators
Process Equipment-
Rotary Distributors
  • Rectangular
  • Circular
  • Gravity Settlers
Grit Equipment & Grit Clasifiers
Blower Packages
Chemical Feed
Pump Stations
Lift Stations
Pneumatic Ejectors
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 Rotary Pipe Skimmers
      Metallic Pipe-A-36 Steel, 304 & 316 Stainless
      Non- Metallic Pipe- High Strength FRP
Manual & Motorized Actution
      Rack & Pinion     
Worm Gear
      UHMW-PE Ring Gears
      Nylon Worm Gears
UMHW Non-Metallic Bearings with D Seal
Helical Scum Skimmers
      Helical or Straight (paddle skimmers) Blades
      For use with concrete or fabricated troughs   Reels available in:
      304, 316 Stainless Steel, A-36 Mild Steel,
      High Strength FRP
      Neoprene Tipped Blades
      Driven by Non-Metallic Chain on Nylon Sprockets
      Cast Iron Support Bearing with UHMW Lining